Press Coverage – Digital fundraising platform joins Fundraising Regulator

Charity Digital News

The Good Exchange is the latest cloud fundraising platform to come forward to register with the Regulator before the end of August deadline.

The UK Fundraising Regulator exists to keep charitable organisations in check. But they are on a push to get digital giving platforms to join them in a bid to recognise and regulate the variety of new digital fundraising means now available to the public.  Over the last few years a number of concerns have been raised in the media and by parliamentarians about online giving, including possible fraudulent activity, oversight over the end-use of funds, and transparency about fees charged by sites. Recent events including terrorist attacks in Manchester and London and the Grenfell Tower fire have heightened these concerns given the large amount of money raised for victims on these platforms in a short amount of time.

In June this year, the Regulator reviewed its Code of Practice, publishing new rules requiring online platforms such as the Good Exchange to be open and transparent with users, take reasonable steps to treat donors fairly, and ensure donors know their rights in the event of a problem.