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How The Good Exchange has helped charitable causes

How The Good Exchange has helped charitable causes

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Are Costs all you should consider when looking for a replacement to BT MyDonate?

7th June 2019
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While charities have had 5 months’ notice of the closure of BT MyDonate (with last donations being accepted at midnight on Sunday 30th June 2019), the date seems to have come around remarkably swiftly. The announcement showed how challenging it is for profit-making organisations to fund, manage, develop and support a charitable giving/crowdfunding platform on an on-going basis, especially when times are tough and profits from the commercial side of the business are being challenged.

Featured Projects

Help Auticulate give autistic children & young people the key social, interaction & life-skills they need to flourish

41% raised of £13,335 target

The programme combines direct teaching of a range of social, interaction & life-skills with real-life practice in a range of social, leisure & everyday experiences. Auticulate has a proven track record of supporting children & young people with the majority starting aged 11 continuing until 15/16 when they move into further education.

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Help Heartburn Cancer cut the number (7,600) of people who die of oesophageal cancer each year

39% raised of £14,765 target

Is it really just heartburn? People are dying unnecessarily from oesophageal cancer because it is diagnosed too late. Persistent heartburn is a key symptom. Heartburn Cancer is fundraising to increase awareness to heartburn by encouraging early diagnosis before cancer has been established. Early diagnosis saves lives.

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Help People’s Park Cafe make the idea become a reality for everyone in the Luton area

48% raised of £7,121 target

The People’s Park Cafe team want to transform the disused pavilion in People’s Park, Luton, into a vibrant community cafe and meeting space. They have a strong business plan and need your help to raise the initial £7,121 to pay for the architect’s fees, the planning application and surveys.

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A short, 3 minute video that describes how The Good Exchange’s on-line matching platform brings together charities, local communities, charitable trusts, foundations, businesses, fundraisers and donors to close the funding gap.