Press Release – WhatsApp Sharing for Fundraisers & Donors & CRM data sharing for funders

Two exciting new features have been added to The Good Exchange’s platform:

  1. WhatsApp Share for Applicant Organisations, Fundraisers and Donors
  2. Customer Relationship Management Data Sharing The ability for to share data from the platform’s single application form with funders’ own grant management systems

The integration with WhatsApp allows users to add a WhatsApp ‘share’ icon on their organisation and/or fundraising project page, enabling people to instantly message friends and family about the fundraising projects they care about to drive donations and raise awareness.

The CRM functionality (developed in partnership with CRM consultancy, Hyphen8), is available to all registered funders on The Good Exchange.

Users can create a comprehensive extract of the grant application data from all from charitable causes seeking funding through the platform’s single application form that have been auto-matched or shortlisted to their grant giving criteria on The Good Exchange and import the data into their CRM-based grant management system for enhanced, more efficient and collaborative decision-making, maintaining their own grant management and due diligence processes.


Find out more about how to use WhatsApp and CRM data sharing below.