Platform Info – The Good Exchange’s Not-for-Profit, On-Line Grant Matching Platform for Local Government

Benefits for Local Councils:

  • Streamline the grant application, selection and allocation process for social, charitable and community funding
  • Automatically match relevant, eligible projects to cut the time needed for the review and selection process
  • Short-list according to specified grant giving criteria and filter-out ineligible applications
  • Enhance decision making through instant access to detailed information about each applicants’ campaign objectives and needs
  • Instantly see what support applicants are receiving support from other funders and donors and identify funding gaps
  • Reduce administrative overload and enhance the applicants’ experience through an on-line response and feedback process
  • Collaborate with multiple local, regional and national grant-makers to tackle themed and/or geographically-based issues, solving root causes rather than point solutions
  • Proactively filter, make funding offers and communicate with potential applicants
  • Offer match funding to incentivise fundraising and donations

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