Industry Report – Updated 2019! How Technology will Transform the Charity Sector for Fundraisers

New version updated 2019 – The charitable sector is playing catch-up in its use of technology to improve fundraising and with a decline in direct Government contributions, charities are turning to technological solutions to enhance their ability to garner much needed funding from donations, grant giving, fundraising and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budgets.

Larger charities face the same challenges as smaller charities but are usually in a better position to deal with them because they often have professional fundraisers, greater resources and existing relationships with funders, government, philanthropists and businesses. The small and medium sized charities, whose causes are no less important than those of their larger counterparts, are often unable to pay professional fundraisers and typically rely on volunteers and/or part-time staff.

For them, the ability to secure funding and access to budgets has become harder, but what has really changed and how can the use of technology assist all charities, regardless of size, to enhance and secure fundraising from all sources?

Read this report to find out how this is happening today and learn what steps you can take to start on the journey towards digitalisation of fundraising and grant applications.