News – Tadley Town Council joins The Good Exchange to support local good causes

Tadley Town Council, in the north west of Hampshire adjacent to the border with Berkshire, has become the latest funder to join The Good Exchange’s matching platform.

Greenham Trust has pledged to match £16,000 worth of grants Tadley Town Council has made available to local applicants, bringing the total funding available to charitable projects in Tadley South, Tadley North and Baughurst to £32,000.

“We’re delighted to be up and running on The Good Exchange platform and use it to collaborate with like-minded funders who share our objectives. This approach will help us to increase awareness of our grants and broaden our reach to a wider number of local good causes,” said Jo Page, Chairman at the Council. “Joining together with Greenham Trust on a match-funding basis will double the amount available and provide a real boost to the local charitable organisations that we support.”