News – The Rosemary Appeal hits £5.5m funding target with match funding & grants from multiple funders

The Rosemary Appeal hits £5.5m funding target for new wing at West Berkshire Community Hospital, with match funding and grants from multiple funders and platform services from The Good Exchange

The Rosemary Appeal has now closed after reaching its fundraising goal of £5.5m for the new Greenham Trust Wing at the West Berkshire Community Hospital. The Appeal had received support from many local grant-giving organisations, collaborating to support this vital fundraising project by offering grants and match funding via the charitable giving platform.

There are tens of thousands of charities in this country all in competition for money and we are a relatively small charity and we didn’t have a hope of competing with the national charities” said Robert Tayton, Secretary, Newbury & Thatcham Hospital Building Trust. “By using The Good Exchange, we have received £1.84m from 1,039 donations by members of the public of which £1.9m was matched by grant funders through the platform”.