Press Coverage – Overstretched CSR decision-makers mean small charities lose out

Charity Digital News

Technology tools will prove vital in meeting the challenges that face charitable giving within UK organisations, according to a new survey of corporate social responsibility (CSR) managers.

Furthermore, for businesses that are aware of good causes in their local area, the paperwork involved in donating a portion of overall funds is the same as it would be to donate an entire annual charitable CSR budget to one national charity.

Indeed, 43% of respondents agreed with the statement that ‘the administrative burden on our CSR team restricts our ability to donate/raise money for multiple/local causes’.

Some 76% of managers said that outcome tracking, measurement and reporting and charitable programmes are important to their organisation, with 29% stating that it is ‘extremely important’.

Yet 44% of CSR managers rely on asking the recipient organisation to provide results to measure the impact of their charitable giving. Moreover, just 1% of respondents have an online reporting system or platform that displays results of their organisation’s charitable giving.