Press Release – Miss Lawrence Charitable Trust Partners with The Good Exchange to Digitise Grant Application Process

The Miss Lawrence Trust has been announced as a new funder on The Good Exchange. The national grant-giving charitable trust was originally established in 1973 by Miss Winifred Lawrence, a local resident who left an estate in trust to benefit local and national charities.

The Trust typically provides approximately £100,000 worth of grants per annum, with on average £2,000-3,000 being allocated per applicant. A wide range of charitable projects are supported, from youth and disability services, education, employment and training, poverty, deprivation and homelessness.

To date, the Trust has processed the hundreds of applications it receives each year manually, which takes a significant amount of time. As Jonathan Bastable, one of The Miss Lawrence Trust trustees said: “The main draw to The Good Exchange was the ability to simplify our paper-based system of processing grant applications. The platform allows us to streamline the annual shortlisting of applications, and also enables us to delve deeper and with greater ease into our applicants’ objectives, while also enabling us to see the support they’ve received from other funders and donors. The platform provides a great deal of transparency and it also greatly simplifies matters for applicants, who now have to complete just one application form for consideration.”