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Online platforms harness technology to match grant-makers to applicants and encourage partnership working. Head of Marketing at The Good Exchange Marina Stedman explains.

In 2010, the Directory of Social Change (DSC) found that 36% (361,149) of applications to the top 2,500 UK-based grant-making trusts were ineligible. DSC calculated this as seven years of effort, based on 10 minutes per  application and working around the clock for a year. But feedback to The Good Exchange is that each manual grant application takes one to eight hours to complete. Assuming just one hour per application and a more realistic eight-hour day, five days a week for 47 weeks a year, this represents at least 192 years of wasted human effort every 12 months.

What can be done to help charities and community groups close their funding gaps and cut the amount of time and effort spent on customising grant applications, freeing up time to focus on good causes? We can all see what streaming has done for the music industry and how comparison websites help us to find insurance – technology-led collaborative philanthropy could do the same for the charitable sector.

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