News – The Good Exchange debuts platform in Jersey, demonstrating new way to drive collaborative local grant-giving & fundraising

The Good Exchange is introducing its charitable giving platform to local charities, grant-giving organisations and officers from the Government of Jersey associated with the third sector at the Pomme D’Or Hotel, St Helier, Jersey, on Wednesday 17th July.

According to figures quoted by the Jersey Community Partnership, there are more than 535 active voluntary and community organisations operating on the island, and many believe the real number to be between 800 and 1,000.

The community of grant giving organisations and philanthropists already works together to solve some of the islands’ social challenges – collaborating to align their grant application processes and asking applicants if they can share applications with other funders that may better match their needs, making it an ideal location to offer the services of the platform.

At the event, The Good Exchange’s COO, Ed Gairdner, will explain how the platform’s technology helps solve a number of the challenges associated with charitable giving. He will discuss how The Good Exchange’s approach to using a single application form can reach multiple funders, whilst significantly reducing administrative overheads, allowing Jersey’s good causes to dedicate more time to service delivery. Ed will also cover how local funders can use the platform to work collaboratively to fund targeted areas of need in Jersey whilst allowing them to maintain full control of all decision-making and fund management processes.


Find out more (including details of how to register for the event) via the button below.