Industry Report – The Impact of Technology on Charity Grant Givers and Donors

Technological advancements in the last 20 years have seen a sea change in how commercial ventures operate, particularly through the use of ‘the cloud’ and their ability and agility to collaborate both internally with and externally to
their organisation. With so much data now on hand, technology is now allowing decision makers a greater ability to assimilate and manage data in order to improve decision making.

With the decline in government grant funding and an uncertain economic
environment,  how can grant funders better use technology to collaborate and drive proactive change in the charities where it’s so desperately needed?

Digitalisation is answer. It’s the only way that resource-constrained grant funders can proactively and collaboratively solve intractable social problems.

Read this report to find out how this is happening today and learn what steps a funder can take to start on the journey.