Industry Paper – CSR Philanthropy vs Profit – 4 questions to answer

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes often include charitable activities but what questions should businesses ask before they decide who and what to fund?

Anyone responsible for:

  • Charitable giving or employee-led fundraising in any type of business
  • Grant-giving in an organisational foundation

… might want to both ask and find out the answers to the four corporate philanthropy questions outlined below (and detailed in the rest of this paper) as they relate to the organisation in which they work as part of their charitable giving planning and/or review process.

  1. How can businesses ensure that their charitable activities are truly valued by their customers and employees?
  2. How can businesses ensure that the charities they choose to support will epitomise their desired corporate brand image?
  3. What actions can businesses take to close the local charity funding gap?
  4. How can businesses get the information they need to decide which charities to fund and make sure that their money is being used effectively and efficiently to help those who really need it?