Press Coverage – Why Technology is enabling the human touch in grant funding

Charity Today #CharityWeek

Ed Gairdner, COO The Good Exchange discusses the vital role that charitable funders play in supporting charities and good causes, particularly at a local level, where communities are contending with many years of cuts to local services from central government.

The Good Exchange’s research ‘Technology in the Charitable Sector’ – in which 100 UK grant-making organisations, as well as 191 applicant organisations,  were surveyed – found that 58% of funders are seeing an increase in the number of funding applications they receive and 56% reported seeing more charities closing as a result of the government cuts to funding. How can technology and human interaction co-exist to help close that funding gap?

The Good Exchange is a Gold Partner for #UKCharityWeek, organised by  Charity Today to give the people of the United Kingdom an opportunity to place awareness of charities and fundraising high-up on the national agenda.