Charity Industry Research – hundreds of hours wasted on grant applications

Research into ‘Technology in the Charitable Sector’, commissioned by The Good Exchange and carried out by global research company Vanson Bourne, looked at the current grant application and distribution landscape through interviews with 100 UK grant-making organisations and on-line survey responses from 191 applicant organisations (fundraisers), found that hundreds of hours are being spent completing application forms per year, but that just two in five are successful (equating to 22 working days per year of wasted effort per applicant organisation).

The findings have revealed significant levels of dissatisfaction with current processes and an increased appetite to embrace digital to reduce wasted efforts and enable collaboration to address societal issues, as charities and funders both content with the ongoing impact of cuts in government funding.

For many, the grant application system is broken

Respondents from applicant organisations said that their organisation typically completes 33 separate grant applications per year, with each taking eight hours to fill in on average. This equates to 264 hours in total spent applying for funding while almost three in five (59%) are ultimately unsuccessful.