Blog – Budget 2018: The Good Exchange responds

Blog by Ed Gairdner.

This week, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond outlined his priorities for taxes and spending in the 2018 Budget. Among the announcements – which include a new £400m digital services tax on tech giants – the Chancellor announced the allocation of £650m funding for social care.

In response to the Budget, our own COO Ed Gairdner has made the following comments:

“While it’s encouraging to hear that the Chancellor recognises the significant strain local authorities have been under in recent years, the Local Government Association’s analysis suggests that local services face a funding gap of £7.8bn by 2024/25. Therefore, as unprecedented budgetary pressures continue, compounded by uncertainty regarding Brexit, the charitable sector still has a significant role to play in plugging the gap and supporting local communities.

“To best achieve this, a more strategic approach is desperately needed by grant giving organisations to ensure that funding reaches where it is needed most. Rather than relying on inbound applications from charities, where the fundraising charity either has to hire fundraising experts or manage alone and submit hundreds of separate application forms, grant giving Charities, Trusts, Foundations and businesses should make use of technology that streamlines application process and creates a level playing field for every charity, no matter how small.

“Supporting new technological solutions for grant seekers and grant makers enables funders, donors, fundraisers, corporates and philanthropists to work collaboratively more effectively and to allow them to give and deliver impact more strategically, for example to fund local community projects focussing on social care by harnessing technology to ‘find’ and auto-match these projects to individual grant giving schemes. This is a far more effective approach to bridging the funding gap, and ensuring that local communities are receiving the support that they so desperately need from the charitable sector.”