How it works

Using The Good Exchange platform is easy for everyone. Whether you’re a funder, an individual or company donor, or a fundraiser – we can help you make the right connections.

  1. Submit a single application for a charitable project that is able to automatically match with multiple sources of funding, donations and fundraisers.

  2. If you are a charity or a voluntary organisation create an online profile and submit a single funding application for a charitable project to access multiple funders, donors and fundraisers.

  3. Share your profiles and applications on social media and attract donors and fundraisers.

  4. The Good Exchange automatically matches your application with eligible funders and schemes.

  5. Funders shortlist the projects they want to support and communicate and share documents with applicants.

  6. The public and local companies donate to registered projects directly through The Good Exchange and we will claim Gift Aid and pass it to the applicant.

  7. Funders can match fund donations to your projects.

  8. Like minded Funders can create co-funding partnerships with other registered funders to support the same projects.

  9. Fundraisers can create profiles and share them on social media to attract even more donors to support projects.

  10. Post and share fundraising events to boost project fundraising.

  • The Good Exchange charges a fee of 5%+VAT which is added to the project required amount.

  • The funding total shown on the project page is inclusive of this fee.

  • The fee is only applied to amounts raised and is not a set defined amount.

  • Rather than setting up an escrow account and the fee taken at the end of the project, all funds passed through to the project will be subjected to the fee of that amount.