Training Webinar – Introduction to Twitter, Facebook & WhatsApp for fundraising through The Good Exchange

This event has expired. It has been kept on this site for reference only.

Date: 17th July 2019 at 10:00 This event has expired

A free, 1 hour on-line seminar (webinar) for all registered fundraising users of The Good Exchange.

The webinar will cover:

1. An introduction to social media (specifically Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp)
2. How to get started (setting up a Twitter and Facebook account for you/your organisation and setting up WhatsApp on your mobile phone)
3. How to create interesting and successful Twitter and Facebook posts and sharing projects through WhatsApp to drive donations.
4. How using these tools alongside The Good Exchange’s not-for-profit, on-line matching platform can help you drive even more grants, donations and fundraising activities

You gave us a huge amount of information and explained it extremely clearly – it was really good and very helpful …… you made a complex subject very clear and accessible.”

A very good and very useful session, especially for someone of my ‘senior demographic’.  And clear enough for me to follow most of it (!) I shall now think about how best to use it.

“…. fascinating webinar this morning.  So much to learn about social media and your friendly, helpful explanations hugely appreciated.”