Event – HRD Summit – The Conscious Organisation

Date: Feb 5, 2018

Now in its 17th year, the HRD Summit at the ICC Birmingam provides the perfect platform to connect and learn, with global business leaders from a range of industries.
The theme for this year’s event is The Conscious Organisation. As technology evolves, the world of work continues to shift. As HR and business leaders, you have the power to shape the success of the organisation with cutting-edge infrastructure and sustainable development.

The Good Exchange will be exhibiting in the HRD Technology Village and presenting a ‘Technology Showcase’ on the Tech Stage, highlighting how our on-line matching platform can help businesses address four of their top corporate philanthropy questions:

  1. How can businesses ensure that their charitable activities are truly valued by their customers and employees?
  2. How can businesses ensure that the charities they choose to support will epitomise their desired corporate brand image?
  3. What actions can businesses take to close the local charity funding gap?
  4. How can businesses get the information they need, decide which charities to fund and make sure that their money is being used effectively and efficiently to help those who really need it?