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Whether you are a large charitable trust, a charitable foundation, a grant awarding body, local authority, family trust or simply managing a legacy or bequest, The Good Exchange is a simple way for charitable funders to manage all aspects of applying funding to the causes you want to support.

Many charitable funders are choosing the Good Exchange as a way to source and manage applications online, form co-funding partnerships with other like-minded funders, apply match funding on donations and grants and manage the entire grant administration process, all from a single platform.

There’s no need to worry about searching through thousands of applications that might not be applicable to you. The Good Exchange lets you choose the local area you would like to help, as well as the kinds of projects you would like to support – automatically matching you with relevant causes and applicants.

Setting up a funder profile will help promote your organisation, whilst setting up funding scheme profiles will help explain the types of project you want to support. Using links to social media will also help you reach a wider audience.

Who or what you decide to support is totally up to you. Once you’ve found a project you can communicate and share information with the applicant and when you are ready - decide how you want to fund it. The Good Exchange will help you manage your shortlisting and selection process, reducing the burden of administration and the need to store paper applications.

The Good Exchange will also help you join forces with other funders who want to help the same project. You can form funding partnerships or match fund grants from other funders enabling you to support more projects. Or if you want to, simply make a grant yourself.

The Good Exchange will also connect the projects you want to support with donors, fundraisers and members of the public who want to get behind that project too, meaning that grant giving goes further especially when Gift Aid and match funding are applied to the donations.

You can even set up your own payment criteria and manage your terms and conditions through the platform. And once your funds have been received by the project, you can clearly see where they’ve been spent via the platform’s audit report service or if you prefer upload and share your own monitoring reports privately with the applicant.

You can also create fully configurable reports for past and current grants, to help inform your future funding.

The Good Exchange has been created to provide UK charitable funders, for the first time, with a complete online solution for managing grant applications and administration, creating funding partnerships and communicating with organisations, projects and causes they want to support.

The required funding total for a Project, as shown on the Project Page, is inclusive of the 5%+VAT fee. Each Applicant is made aware of the fee structure during their registration as an Applicant and have accepted the T&Cs of being registered on The Good Exchange. Click here for further information on our fees.

Make your funding go further