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About The Good Exchange

Why should you use The Good Exchange?

The Good Exchange was created to make it simple to connect those looking to make a difference in their local community (applicants) with those who are able to provide the financial support to turn a project from a good idea into a meaningful reality (funders). And all boosted by the help of donors and local fundraisers.


Good Exchange founding funder, Greenham Common Trust, has helped to shape the platform by sharing its five years’ experience of managing its own fundraising website findmegrant. With a single online application, local good causes on findmeagrant raised over £10.5m in grants, donations, Gift Aid and match funding on donations in West Berkshire and north Hampshire. That included £2.3m of public donations to local projects. The Trust itself has supported over 1,000 local organisations with over £34m of grant funding across most sectors of the community since it was established in 1997.

The Good Exchange for Applicants

If you are a charitable organisation or simply a group of like-minded individuals with an idea for a project that will make a difference in your local community then The Good Exchange will connect you with funders, donors and fundraisers who, just like you, are seeking to make a difference in their communities or to fund causes they care about.

One application – many funders

If you are applying for a grant for a charitable project or want to fundraise for donations, then it’s more than likely you will have to register with multiple websites and funders. You may have to write dozens of complicated applications to individual grant giving organisations, often repeating exactly the same information which wastes valuable time and can be expensive.

The Good Exchange allows applicants to create a single application which is then automatically matched with multiple funders, donors and fundraisers, making it easy to find support for the local projects you are passionate about.

The Good Exchange for Funders

Whether you are one of the many UK charitable trusts, foundations, local authorities, Corporate Funders or other grant giving organisations, The Good exchange allows you to set up, publish and manage your funding schemes and grant rounds and automatically matches you with relevant projects which meet your requirements.

Complete visibility of every application

Currently as a funder you will only see those applications that are made directly to you. You’ll have little or no idea which other organisations have applied for funding for similar projects or which other funders could potentially join you in funding the application you have received.

With the Good Exchange every eligible funder will see every application that meets their funding criteria.

Opportunities to fund together

As a registered funder on The Good Exchange you can reach out to other funders and share your shortlist of projects and any thoughts on the applications you are considering supporting, allowing you to set up co-funding agreements and enable your funding to be distributed further.

Funders can also gauge the community’s support for a project by sharing the project profile on their social media pages and asking for public feedback. They can also see which projects are most popular by how many people are backing it.

For the first time, irrespective of size, The Good Exchange facilitates collaboration between small, medium and large UK trusts and foundations as well as many other grant giving organisations.

The Good Exchange for Fundraisers and Individual Donors

There are countless opportunities for Fundraisers to complete challenges or host events to support national charities. However very often they have no idea how the money they raised was spent.

Local Projects in Local communities

By fundraising for a project on The Good Exchange, fundraisers can host events, complete personal challenges and attract sponsorship and donations from those that want to support local projects. And unlike fundraising for national organisations you can see and often experience exactly where the money has been spent.

Applicants can also post fundraising events and share them on social media.

The Good Exchange for the public

The public can get involved too by voting for their favourite projects and if they like what they see they can become a donor, fundraiser or even connect with like-minded people and start raising money for a project close to their heart that can help their community.

The Good Exchange - Come together and make a difference in your local community